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Healthy indoor climate in schools

Are you going to Edubuild 2017, October 19-20? We would like to invite you for a talk about healthy indoor climate in schools, and how we can help with dedicated ventilation systems.

Healthy indoor climate in schools

Studies show, that indoor climate in class rooms has a direct effect on the learning curve, as well as for the well-being of teachers and pupils in general. Aiming to improve air quality in schools, Airmaster has developed a series of dedicated ventilation solutions, that are in operation in European schools. More than 50000 energy-efficient, quiet and decentralized ventilation systems have left the factory in Denmark over the last fifteen years, and many of them for schools.

Smooth logistics

Both new building projects as well as school renovation projects have had their air quality enhanced. As the Airmaster ventilation units are not connected air-wise, but stand-alone units, a school need not relocate all pupils during a renovation period. You can renovate just a few class rooms at the time, making logistics in renovation projects much smoother.

Saving energy

After normal school hours, you might want to use a couple of class rooms for meetings, but the rest of the school is empty. The decentralized ventilation makes it possible to ventilate according to need; that is, energy isn’t wasted ventilating rooms not in use. Decentralized ventilation, is each single room ventilated individually.

Online management

Decentralized ventilation units do not necessarily mean decentralized management – you can combine the management of all units, and use Airlinq® Online to access from anywhere.


Meet us at Edubuild 2017, October 19-20, booth 8710 for a talk about decentral ventilation in class rooms.

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