// 1.8.2017

Now it is getting even easier and inexpensive to go Airmaster Airlinq® Online!

Everybody who work with planning and specifying BMS-systems in new building projects as well as refurbishment projects realize on a daily basis how complicated it is to get BMS-systems to be operative from day one.

Regulations on energy savings make it paramount to harvest from day one the most of the energy savings in the building. Seen from a total perspective it has to be convenient and financial manageable to specify, execute, and operate the building installations.

Last autumn we introduced Airmaster Airlinq® Online. Airlinq® Online is a professional web-portal used with Ethernet connected Airmaster air handling units. The portal is a cloud based service where the servers, which handles the communication with the Airmaster units, are positioned in the “cloud”.  Airlinq® Online is designed to operate, monitor, and administrate ventilation installations in various applications.

By today more than 1,500 local air handling units from Airmaster are “in the cloud” using Airlinq® Online.

The online service has been further developed to be able to co-operate with an Airlinq® BMS system. This means that between each air handling units a bus-cable must be connected, but only one single air handling unit needs access to the internet. The access can be established using a network cable or GSM-connection. This new bus solution makes Airlinq® Online much less complicated and inexpensive than a traditional BMS solution.

The Airlinq® Online portal is continuously upgraded to ensure that you always have the latest functions and features at your disposal.

Security is of the highest importance to Airmaster. Therefore, all communication is encrypted. This goes for communication not only between the user and the servers, but also between the air handling units and the servers. This ensure a very high level of security when using Airlinq® Online.

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