// 6.6.2017

Airmaster introduces new AM 150

Airmaster is introducing a brand new AM 150, which is replacing the AM 100 air handling unit. The new unit has increased air capacity, lower energy consumption and improved heat recovery, resulting in lower operating costs without compromising on healthy indoor climate.

The AM 150 is a high-quality system, particularly suited for one to two-person offices and small meeting rooms at companies, schools and institutions – essentially, small rooms where there is a need for a pleasant indoor climate for comfort and well-being.

The unit is especially suitable for rooms between 10 and 20 square metres in size, depending on the number of people in the rooms and required air replacement. AM 150 is a horizontal version, and intake and exhaust pass horizontally through the rear of the unit. The unit has the same clean, unfussy design as the other models in the AM product range but the design is now even more discrete.

Low-noise and energy-efficient

The AM 150 complies with all current acoustic requirements and its comparatively noiseless operation helps provide a healthy indoor climate. The unit follows the energy requirements set out in the Danish BR2020 building regulations to the letter and is extremely energy-efficient.

Fully automatic control of more than one unit

Although this is the smallest unit in the AM series, it can also be delivered with Airmaster’s well-known and fully automatic Airlinq control. The intelligent control system is ideal for buildings with a large number of Airmaster units installed in many rooms. The inlet temperature is regulated automatically, relative to outdoor temperature and room temperature, and there is a status diode on the front of the unit that shows its current status at all times.

The AM 150 can be optimised further

With options such as motion sensors and CO2 sensors, ventilation can be controlled based on the number of people in a room at a given time. Additional an optional F7 or F9 filter increases filtration of particles from the outdoor air. Furthermore, the fully automatic control can be combined with Airmaster Airlinq® Online, enabling monitoring and control of all units via a web portal.

Bluetooth control for small installations

At Airmaster, we are fully aware that not all customers need the sophisticated Airlinq control. For this reason, the new AM 150 is available with a simpler and more user-friendly Bluetooth control. This solution is particularly useful in buildings with only few and small units where joint control of all Airmaster units is not needed. The AM 150 is controlled directly from a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth – a simple and user-friendly solution but with the same fundamental, high-quality functionality.

Competitive price

Production and installation were taken into consideration from the very beginning of the development process, to ensure an attractive price. And we have focused on ensuring simple, fast installation and even easier and faster retrofitting of sensors or extra components – because time is money.

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