Façade ventilation grills in new aerodynamic design

Airmaster introduces a new façade ventilation grill that with its special geometry and aerodynamic design makes it possible to reduce the diameter of the hole in the façade for an AM 1000 ventilation unit. Where a Ø400 mm bushing was previously used, a Ø315 mm bushing now suffices – without extra pressure loss and/or entrainment of rainwater.
// 23. April - 2019

How much energy does it take per year to keep a classroom healthy?

One example of a class of 28…
// 3. April - 2019

How to integrate decentral ventilation units in the room?

Every room and building present their specific options for how to integrate ventilation. Airmaster took this into consideration during development and design of the series of wall-mounted ventilation units for schools, offices, meeting rooms etc.
// 13. March - 2019

New filter standard – EN ISO 16890

As of July 1st, dust air filters for ventilation must be compliant with the new filter standard EN ISO 16890, which replace EN 779:2012. All Airmaster air handling units ordered from July 1st will be delivered with filters in compliance with the new standard EN ISO 16890.
// 18. June - 2018

Are you ready for a hot summer in the office?

Our new air handling unit, the AMC 150, is ready for you. The AMC 150 is an air handling unit with heat recovery and cooling module integrated in one single product. This unit will provide you with fresh air and comfort cooling at the same time.
// 11. June - 2018

Healthy indoor climate in schools

Are you going to Edubuild 2017, October 19-20? We would like to invite you for a talk about healthy indoor climate in schools, and how we can help with dedicated ventilation systems.
// 5. October - 2017

Now it is getting even easier and inexpensive to go Airmaster Airlinq® Online!

Everybody who work with planning and specifying BMS-systems in new building projects as well as refurbishment projects realize on a daily basis how complicated it is to get BMS-systems to be operative from day one.
// 1. August - 2017

Airmaster introduces new AM 150

Airmaster is introducing a brand new AM 150, which is replacing the AM 100 air handling unit. The new unit has increased air capacity, lower energy consumption and improved heat recovery, resulting in lower operating costs without compromising on healthy indoor climate.
// 6. June - 2017

NEW Airmaster Airlinq® Online

At Airmaster, we keep pace with the trend. Digital BMS is well known and used by most, so we are now taking the next step. Online control and operation of decentralised air handling units from Airmaster.
// 1. September - 2016

AIRMASTER AM 1000 – A revolution within decentralised ventilation

AIRMASTER revolutionizes with the new AM 1000 decentralised air handling unit.
// 11. February - 2016
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