Terma A/S

Airmaster decentralised ventilation on work place

At Termas head office in Denmark, they had major problems with the indoor climate.

At head office in the Danish company Terma A/S, employees have to keep a clear head and a high degree of concentration. The company produces mission-critical equipment and software for the space industry, the aviation industry and civilian air traffic. A good indoor climate is crucial to employees at Terma A/S, in order to produce a top-quality product. To create a silent, comfortable and reliable indoor climate for the company’s employees, Airmaster decentralised ventilation was installed.

CO2 measurements at Terma
Measurements performed at Terma’s head quarters clearly show how crucial ventilation is to lowering the CO2 concentration in the room. A temporary deactivation of the ventilation confirms that even a minimally manned office has a poor indoor climate after a few hours of use. 

CO2 measurement in an office

Easy and smoothly
Terma's head office is a modular construction, where decentralised ventilation from Airmaster is highly suitable, since the whole assembly process and installation work will be carried out at the assembly plant. 

Airmaster case Terma A/S


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