Gl. Hasseris School

Airmaster decentralised ventilation in schools

The indoor climate at Gl. Hasseris School was very poor. The students had trouble concentrating and they often got headache.

At that time Gl. Hasseris had to chose a ventilation solution, the question was whether they should choose centralised or decentralised ventilatioon. The school management arranged with Airmaster that they over a period could lend an decentralised air handling unit from Airmaster - to test whether this was a possible solution for the school or not.

An everyday example
CO2 measurements taken in a traditional classroom at Gl. Hasseris School show very clearly how vital good ventilation is for air quality.
The blue line shows the level of CO2 with an Airmaster unit in operation.
The red line shows measurements taken in the same room without ventilation.
Figure 1 shows measurements taken over one school day and figure 2 shows measurements taken over a whole school week.

CO2 measurement in school

The results are unequivocal
Without ventilation the CO2 level increased to 2000 ppm during just one lesson. Seen on the basis of how many hours we spend in nurseries, in educational establishments and at work – these results are both though-provoking and alarming. After the test run, the school to install decentralised air handling units from Airmaster at the entire school. The installation of the units took place easily and flexibly in one room at a time - without disrupting daily life and destroying the course of study.

Three quick comments from the teachers
“What was the first thing you noticed after having Airmaster ventilation installed in the classrooms?
    ► better indoor climate
    ► no draft from open windows and doors
    ► discrete in it's appearance” 

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Gl. Hasseris School
Public school for

6- to 16-year-olds
745 students
100 teachers

AM 300 - 4 units
AM 500 - 4 units
AM 800 - 26 units

Aalborg Local Authority    


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