Agerbæk School

Airmaster decentral ventilation på Agerbæk Skole

At Agerbæk School in Southern Denmark, the local authority with success have give rise to pleasant and healthy indoor climate for teachers and students - both in the ordinary classrooms and special subject rooms.

The indoor climate has not been great for an extended period. The air rapidly became warm and heavy, and there was a smell of packed lunch, says Niels Ole Jensen, who has been head of technical services since 2009. ”During the Christmas holidays in 2011, we got 19 Airmaster air handling units installed. Both installation and connection passed smoothly, and at the time where everyone was back from holidays, the ventilation was running. All 19 Airmaster units are linked into a BMS system.

In addition, we chose to have a CO2 sensor in all the units. In that way the need for fresh air is controlled by person load in the room. We never ventilate too little or to much, and that is an optimal and energy efficient ventilation solution.

Our ordinary classrooms are about 64 m2, here we use the AM 800 units. Special subject rooms, as for example Chemistry, Physics and Woodwork, are approx. 80 m2, here we also use AM 800 and AM 900 units. At our IT and Teachers preparation facilities AM 500 units have been installed. Both in the staff room and library, we have AM 1200 units. They are equipped with respectively whiteboard and blackboard panels - it's just great ventilation. It works perfectly, and it's also very functional - teachers use it in any case frequently. Previously by staff meeting the air quickly became very poor, but today there is always a good indoor climate."

"As head of technical services, I am responsible for the technical installations. I do hardly notice our Airmaster air handling units, everything is running automatically. We have made a service contract with our local ventilation installer, who comes once a year checking and changing filters on all our units. Service goes on fast and easy, so fast I do not always realize that he has already been there."


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Agerbæk School
Public school for 6- to 16-year-olds
350 students
40 teachers

AM 500 - 3 units
AM 800 - 13 units
AM 900 - 1 unit
AM 1200 - 2 units

Agerbæk, Varde, local authority  





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