Case stories


Clean air in an extremely economical manner 

The primary school De Zonnebloem in Sint-Amands (Belgium) moved in to their brand new building. A school with all the assets to obtain great results!


Creative with ventilation 

The new Steiner kindergarten in Turnhout with its organic timber façades provides the perfect expression of openness and creativity.


Primary school 'De Zonnebloem', Sint Amands, Belgium
Within the framework of ‘Schools of Tomorrow’, it was decided to demolish the old buildings and to replace them with a beautiful state-of-the-art educational institution. For an excellent learning comfort, it was important to supply the building with sufficient clean air.



Gl. Hasseris School
The indoor climate at Gl. Hasseris School was very poor. The students had trouble concentrating and they often got headache


Agerbæk School
At Agerbæk School in Southern Denmark, the local authority with success have give rise to pleasant and healthy indoor climate for teachers and students - both in the ordinary classrooms and special subject rooms.


Terma A/S

At Termas head office in Denmark, they had major problems with the indoor climate.


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