World-class indoor climate

...imagine if we could develop a ventilation unit that catered to our behaviour, needs and well-being, and at the same time could be part of the perfect energy solution for the renovation and building projects of the future.

This was the task and business idea that Henrik Stæhr and Kim Jensen formulated in 1991 when they set up Airmaster in Aars, Denmark.

And they succeeded. Today we offer a range of decentralised ventilation units where expensive and energy-intensive ducted systems has been replaced by energy-efficient and flexible end-to-end solutions that never waste energy.

High performance, intelligent controls and extremely low noise levels mean that Airmaster is world-class.

We spend a great deal of our total resources on product development and documentation. In total, more than 10% of our employees work on development and documentation. We work on the development of new technology in partnership with universities, including the University of Aalborg and the Technical University of Denmark. We also participate in several research-based projects involving the efficient, decentralised ventilation solutions of the future. Our electronics are EMC-tested to the highest standards at recognised laboratories (EMC = Electromagnetic Compatibility).

In brief – Airmaster’s ventilation solutions must be the best solutions in terms of energy efficiency, comfort and healthy indoor climate.

Airmaster A/S is still under the ownership
of Henrik Stæhr and Kim Jensen.




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